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YieldMore is a website to compile useful information and a place to promote the work of people in a position to improve the quality of life of others. Its also a place to find volunteer work, express yourselves, plan change, and develop into better persons. We also curate good content (books / movies / songs) in an effort to help people with their appreciation of language and culture.

Anyone with an open mind, peaceful nature and a quest for progress is welcome to our community. See the video slideshow, PR Material, 2015 overview or old introduction.

Yield refers to the output (in agriculture), so what we're trying to do is share stuff that helps us yieldmore out of life. Our Mandate and our Charter explain a bit its vision and spirit.

Byline / Values

Recreation, Learning / Sharing, Self Expression, Personal Growth, Giving Back

Peacefulness, Declutter, Deconstruction, Quality and Omission of the Negative.


We believe in spreading the universal message of love, living with our fellow men in harmony and promoting any thought or idea that enhances those beliefs. The best place to find these are in books, poems, discourses, speeches, letters and quotes by visionaries and adepts.

Harmony in all aspects of our lives - Me, Family (and Friends), Community, Country, Work, Work Ecosystems and finally the Whole World. Problems arise because of conflicts within members of these circles, or at the individual level, between myriad thoughts and beliefs.

YIELD is also anagram for Every Day Is Your Last. Hopefully this attitude directs a person to lead a more fulfilling and action packed life.

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