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YM is an experiment in humaneness. An idea that we men and women, when allowed to follow the impulse of our heart, will seek individual progress and to improve the condition of our family, employer, business, community, city, country, why even the whole world!

YM is a social venture that puts perspectives, services and help at the disposal of its visitors/beneficiaries. It is a platform for sharing. Sharing ideas, viewpoints, programs, practices, thought systems and ways on how we can bring about more [w]holistic and harmonious activity from all quarters that make up this Earth.

At our centre is the website yieldmore.org which is a collaboratively authored repository of inspiring and useful information, carefully edited, with the aim of improving the quality of life of its readers.

Our many ventures are listed at yieldmore.org/v and include education, parenting, environment, career prospects and growth, personal development, counselling, the enjoining and supporting of movements, the pursuit of happiness and the discovery of the joy of sharing what we have with our fellow beings.

Rather than do all these from scratch, we find people and organisations who share our dream for a better future for all and partner with them a provide a place for them to ply their wares (promote their products and services).

We also attract a large number of contributors who give of their experience freely and this content is free to adapt/republish with due attribution to the author and us the source.

Not wanting to be another company / organisation, we decided to leave YM as just an idea, one begun by founder Imran who claims a portion of all services and products promoted for his personal as well as social use.

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