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The Cselian Book and Publishing Project (Biblios) preserves notable works in a modern, easy to read, online manner.

Biblios will let you save bookmarks online, make and share quotes, take notes etc, and solves some difficulties viz:


None of these books have copyright permissions yet.

You must first agree to our usage terms before reading them:

My purpose in using this site is to read or use as a reference, books that I have already read or own. Also I'd like to preview unread books. I do declare that my intention is not to read books for free, denying due royalty owed to the Author and Publishers.

In the long run, we hope to contact copyright holders and have them allow:

Whose Works:

The works of any and all are welcome, if it meets our criteria - progressive in nature, truly inspirational, and does not refute the validity of other faiths / works.
Having only just begun, the focus is on Indian Spiritualism, but would like to expand to any mature works and other faiths.
We are also trying rethink online publication and help smaller organizations and individuals do so at no cost.

Copyright and Revenue:

There are several kinds of content we want on our site viz:

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