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Q) I'm ill and I need help / My life is full of negativity. What can I do?

We suggest maintaining a diary and devising some Affirmations that you often repeat to yourself. A practice like Yoga or a program like BrainSync could help a lot. You could reach out to us and we will put you on to one of our untrained members who MAY be in a position to help. Give us some time to build a network of counsellors / a helpline. This could be a 3rd party service and may be paid.

Q) I'm a teacher and want to know how to become better at it. How can YM help?

We are working with some senior teachers to create/curate content aimed at Teacher Improvement. If you want help in a specific area / want someone to guide you, you may write to us.

Q) I'm looking at ways to enhance my professional skills. Also, is there someone who would mentor me?

You can befriend one of our Players who will talk to you and help you make a plan for progress. If someone is available from our network, we can ask them to mentor you. We only ask that you compile what you've learnt and share it on our Learn YM channel and maybe one day pay it forward.

Q) I'm a motivational speaker / life coach. How can YM help me promote myself?

We can guide you in setting up your own youtube/fb/linkedin/twitter/wordpress accounts, give you backlinks from various pages on our website where you write about your point of view, create a minisite for you (for eg http://yieldmore.org/share/ngos/3a/), mention you in our newsletter / at events and promote your stuff on our social media channels.

Q) I'm interested in spirituality but wary of religion/dogma. Where should I begin?

We curate the works of some spiritual teachers here - yieldmore.org/people/ and on our youtube channel (Awakenings / Hinduism / Integral Yoga / Set Man Free). Some books on spiritualism are also published here - yieldmore.org/works/. You could also explore this website: auromere.wordpress.com or write to us and we will put you in touch with someone to converse with.

Q) I seem to be missing a source of inspiration/joy in my life. What can I do?

Fill in this Google Form (to be devised) and then message us on whatsapp / email. We hope to have a helpline in about 6 months time, but you can reach out to ____ if its urgent. If they dont respond, send a message/WhatsApp to Imran at 9841223313.

Q) I have a question / a point of view / an article or video to suggest. How do I post it?

We have a forum, an active youtube account and write content all over the site (yieldmore.org/?o=msall) and encourage people to share their views / backlink to their blogs. You can write to us with your query/suggestion and in time we will give you access to upload content on your own. We do this initially because we want the site to be organized in the best way possible and make sure content is in line with our spirit.

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