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PACT is an acronym for Parents, Administrators, Children and Teachers and was initiated by the Build India Group in collaboration with YieldMore.org in September 2017. As its very name suggests, PACT is a coming together of all these involved in the holistic development of the child.

Parents - the support and cooperation and involvement of parents its very essential for the emotional webb-being and academic achievement of the child.

The Administrator's (schools and other educational institutions) role in the growth of the child cannot be underrated, giving the child the right guidance and opportunity to blossom into successful adults.

The Teacher too plays a pivotal role in the child's life. Teaching not only subject, but also values, encouraging their talents, guiding their aspirations, burturing their dreams, these teachers are looked upon as role models by the children.

Together in the child's formative and developing years, we can surely transform them into happy, successful and well-rounded adults.

The Child - whose is encouraged to enjoy his/her youth, discover his/her passions, develop his/her skills and learn to think about what he/she can do, to live a meaningful life and in time, help build another generation of wonderful people with dreams and ambitions, and the abilities and tools to achieve them.

PACT is a series of digests for parents, administrators, children and teachers and also a platform for interaction among these people that play a pivotal role in shaping our children's future.

This is an invitation to one and all to give ideas on topics that should be covered, who can make videos, whether to setup an interactive Q&A site, who else to involve, what existing platforms and resources are available, a helper directory, some information for consideration by parents and teachers and what activities the children can do. These could include social awareness, ways to combat stress and peer pressure, developing ones sense of value and identity, inspiring ideas, tools and devices, holistic education etc.

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