Legacy YM

link: https://pankajdewan.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/
author: Richard Bach

Possibly the most simple, beautiful and most inspiring book ever written. Richard Bach, author par excellence!

Will be back with quotes in time, but I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to buy yourself a copy, read it and then gift it away.

The book is divided into 5 novellas. Each a call to action and license to dream!


A young bright detective whose latest case takes her to the very history of her civilization to find that the famous courtesies of Avedoi Merek were actually written only when they were on the brink of total annhilation from war.

The Courtesies

  1. Whatever harm I would do to another, I shall do first to myself.
  2. As I respect and am kind to myself, so shall I respect and be kind to peers, to elders, to children.
  3. I claim for others the freedom to live as they wish, to think and believe as they will. I claim that freedom for myself.
  4. I shall make each choice and live each day to my highest sense of right.

Budgeron and Danielle

An author and his wife. He strives to write that one classic written for adults, only to find his true gift is in writing stories for children (kits). But in the end he finds that the meaning is timeless and valuable to adults to0.


First Ensign, later Captain, Bethany represents whats best in Sea Ferret Rescue, commanding a small crew aboard J101 - Resolute. Their bond only tightens when Chloe, a musician and writer comes on board and she shares a mystical experience with her when they decide to put their lives on the line to rescue all the disks from USS Explorer.

Monty and Cheyenne

The heartwrenching story of a horse-whisperer and his Hollywood starlet friend. How their sense of highest right keeps them apart, though their love remains true till the end.

Stormy and Strobe

The story of 2 pilots and how their angel ferrets have to wrestle their stubbornness to bring them together so they can change the future for a whole generation of children.

Beyond Man
Curious Lives
Preparing For The Miraculous
Smith Of Wootton Major
The Silmarillion
The Snowgoose

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