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wiki: Vala_(Middle-earth)|Valar

Manwe (Lord of air) / Varda Elbereth, Lady of the stars

Ulmo (lord of the waters)

Aule (Earth and Craft) / Yavanna Kementari (Giver of Fruits)

Feanturi, Masters of Spirits
Namo/Mandos (houses of the dead) / Vaire the Weaver
Irmo/Lorien (master of visions and dreams) / Este the gentle (healer of hurts and weariness)

Nienna (grief / mourner) - sister of Feanturi

Tulkas Astaldo (the Valiant) / Nessa, fleetfooted (sister of Orome)

Orome (hunter & lord of forests) / Vana, ever young (sister of Yavanna)

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