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Dear Friends,

Namaste. Fundraising for causes is not a profession or vacation for me but a passion. I have partnered with the global organisation Resource Alliance (RA) headquartered in UK, as their cause advocate to evangelise the cause of credible fundraising and the heroes who enable fundraising. I am also planning a book with RA of innovative fundraisers who create unique ideas to involve people with social causes and make people happy through THE JOY OF GIVING.

Next month through my keynote address at the Resource Alliance, Global IFC ( international fundraising conference), i will be speaking and sharing insight about how fundraisers enable people to enjoy and experience the joy of giving.

After many years i am speaking about how we planned and created the JOY OF GIVING ecosystem, which has raised huge funds for many causes today.

RA as a special gesture is offering an exclusive discount of USD 100 to all my friends and associates. All you need to do is register with the code word JERRY.

Besides listening to some nuggets on how to raise huge funds ethically for your mission, you would also get an opportunity to network and learn with leaders from the UN and international organistions, who are creating amazing social impact.

This is a good opportunity to network and learn with over 500 fundraisers and social impact leaders from over 50 countries.

If you are fundraiser, education entrepreneur, csr leader or marketing/ sales leader in a non-profit or corporate organisation, you should take up the offer and attend to gain knowledge of unique ideas for impact.

Jerry Almeida, May 2018

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