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I am pleased to share that YES FOUNDATION, the social development arm of YES BANK, has launched the third edition of Media for Social Change Fellowship, a high impact program to develop socially conscious youth leadership supported by YES BANK and in association with ISDI|WPP School of Communication. Please note that Centre for Youth (C4Y) is managing the Fellowship Program in 5 cities across India.

As part of the Fellowship, high potential youth will be trained by industry leaders in 1-week intensive classroom training on marketing, communications, digital and social media. This will be followed by a 7-week, full-time placement in NGOs interspersed with mentoring sessions. The Fellow Designates will assist well-defined communication projects of NGOs and thereby maximise the social impact. Engagement with social issues will sensitise the youth and enable them to emerge as social leaders.

We are keen to partner and place the highly motivated and committed YES FOUNDATION Media for Social Change Fellow Designates to support your communication projects. As a requirement, your organisation needs to onboard minimum 3 Fellow Designates. I am certain that the Fellow Designates would add significant value to your organisations, while exposure to your wonderful work would be an enriching experience for them.

In order to nurture and guide the Fellow Designates for the entire duration of the Fellowship, you will have to assign a Mentor who would supervise and assist them with the given tasks.

To formalise this association, we request you to provide us with a few documents (listed below) pertaining to your NGO. These documents will be beneficial for due-diligence purposes.

Attached Partner On-boarding Form: Please send the dully filled up form. Annual Reports for the last 3 yearsFinancial Statements for the last 3 years (if not already present in the Annual Reports)Your NGO Registration Certificate

We look forward to your confirmation on the partnership and the number of fellows that you would like to place in your organisation.

Priya Talwar
Director Programmes
Centre for Youth (C4Y)
M: 91-98114 36493 | P: 91-11-4161 9005 | priya.talwar@c4yindia.org

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