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Music and the performing arts are all about telling stories and entertaining. It calls for a team of people to use their creative best to convey a message. A whole new generation of artists are discovering their talents and building their own portfolios. Some of them work on social fronts as well, helping not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) in their mission of mercy.

One way to further the work of these NGOs is by promoting their work on this new website which is all about enthusiastic people trying to make a difference. Their “speak” channel would give you a place to voice your opinions on social concerns. You would find like-minded people listed on their FaceBook or LinkedIn pages.

There are no restriction on the kinds of articles YieldMore will accept, as long as it has some practical use for someone else. You could also write about your industry, whether you are into advertising, theatre, modelling, about things you feel a fresher/new entrant in your domain ought to know or share your thoughts on what makes the arts so exacting, etc.

Through curated content and articles, activities like recreational writing, making youtube videos, gists of something from the heart that’s worth sharing or helping others, if you are passionate and energetic and eager to leave behind your mark on this world, you should visit their website.

They treasure each new contributor and are driven by a small dynamic team led by Imran, their Chief Curator. They are ever willing to expand their NGO directory base, so feel free to write to them and refer some organization you know of or have done work for.

Awaiting arrival of your little bundle of joy?  You may want to check out the Mindful Motherhood program they promote. Or, you could be interested in sound and have been helped by BrainSync and want to help them create similar free programs?

Is there a particular cause that you care about? Add a page for them and help find volunteers / donations. If you write to them at or contact Imran at +91.9841223313, they will find a place for your articles / content suggestions on their vast and ever expanding site.

Join them with their motto of Learn / Heal / Share. LEARNING for children, for parents, for adults, for communities etc. Applying that knowledge, of the fundamental forces that drive nature, HEALING and reconciling political, economic, religious, ideological, societal and personal hurts. SHARING our time, resources and our hopes with other people, and most importantly giving our children wings for their dreams.

Being Imaginative with Robert Govers

Many of us feel uneasy with the lack of recognition that our community, city, region or country receives internationally and with the stereotypes and outdated clichés by which “outsiders” define us. This has probably been the case for as long as man exists, but in today’s world with its global connections and social media, it is becoming more apparent, more relevant and more frustrating; to citizens generally, but in particular to policy makers, public administrators, leaders and representatives in public, private and civil society sectors. Why this is so and what to do about it is the topic of this book. It is the first book to discuss the issue of community reputation in a manner that is accessible to all; free from any use of jargon, management terminology or unnecessary complexity. It argues that for communities to be admired, they need a sense of belonging and purpose in order to do amazing imaginative things befitting their character while captivating others. Imaginative initiatives are recognisably from somewhere and hence cut through the clutter in order to create community profile. The book contains examples from Austin, Barcelona, Bhutan, Den Bosch, Dubai, Egypt, Eindhoven, Estonia, Finland, Firenze (Florence), Kazakhstan, Lanzarote, Limburg (Maastricht Region), Oslo, Rome, The Hague, the United States of America and other communities. The book primarily aims to inspire readers and offer them a broad overview of an issue in modern society that is of interest and relevance to all of us: the reputation of our communities.

‘It has been said that countries should measure their gross national imagination, a critical resource for success in the twenty-first century. This important new book shows why this is crucial in an age of fractured identity – and how so many places have forged initiatives that put themselves on the map but also inspire the rest of the world.’
Dr Parag Khanna, Author of Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization

‘I am a big believer in the power of purpose: that companies and individuals should have a meaningful purpose that guides their thinking, decisions, and actions. But until I read Robert Govers’ Imaginative Communities, the thought of applying purpose at the community level never occurred to me. Read this brilliant book and you, too, will see how to bring a sense of belonging and meaningful purpose to your communities, no matter their size.’
B. Joseph Pine II, Co-author, The Experience Economy

‘Robert Govers has written a terrific book.  With miraculous clarity he guides the reader on a world tour of the subject of community reputation and its management.  He presents a breathtaking range of places and kinds of actors – cities, regions and nation states – from the Americas to Central Asia and on to the Pacific.  His examples are new, thought provoking and illuminated by his personal experience as a researcher and consultant.  Best of all, his conclusion underlines the need for citizens to focus not on presenting a better image but on building for a better reality.’
Nicholas J. Cull, Author of Public Diplomacy: Global Engagement in the Era of Social Media

‘A really important addition to our understanding of people, places and their purpose. Govers’ book is a refreshing and highly readable departure from “practitioner” texts that simply apply tired marketing principles to the management and promotion of places. Incisive and genuinely thought provoking, this book deserves a place on the desk of every senior policy-maker in national, regional and city governments worldwide.’
Simon Anholt, Founder of Good Country


Here we will try and answer some questions.

Join Us

Imaginative Communities (inspired by a book by @rgovers)

YM is a network of progressively thinking people, inspired by the likes of the city of dawn – Auroville – an experimental township which believes in human unity, the power of aspiration and the will to progress.

It took me 10 years to realize that George Carlin, by being seemingly against most of mankind’s endeavours, was actually egging us on to become better people – better in every sense of the word, in every moment of each passing day, in all our actions, interacting with all those around us.

Something we’ve known all along about people over the world (that they should Reach Out a hand And touch each other, as Peter Frampton says). And we are doing this more and more imaginatively as we learn to live in a new age of bliss – which individuals discover for themselves and then act in a way to share it with their fellow humans.

The age of knowledge, reason, works and love. A Silver Age that wants badly to manifest fully and encompass us all. Not to say that there isn’t bad or wrong in the world, or happening to people, but we must strengthen ourselves and then set about setting things right.

Enter a movement such as ours which seeks to share the best learnings on its web platform, and inspire people to come forward and act in a spirit of kindness. While all the world’s our stage, we thought that in order to grow, we should facilitate communities to come together, talk, share, make a difference in each other’s lives and spawn/support movements and ventures that affect us all.

Belong to a club or a neighbourhood or an ngo? Join us at where we will support you in developing a vision and activities, implementing them, addressing the needs of your every last member, bringing in people from our network to bounce ideas off and exchange learning.

Later we will find ways to work together on our education forum, skills development, parenting group, sharing of ideas through curation, social work, movements, environment, care for the elderly, school for positive thinking etc.