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Written in Jan 2017 for GRN

Music and the performing arts are all about telling stories and entertaining. It calls for a team of people to use their creative best to convey a message. A whole new generation of artists are discovering their talents and building their own portfolios. Some of them work on social fronts as well, helping not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) in their mission of mercy.

One way to further the work of these NGOs is by promoting their work on this new website YieldMore.org which is all about enthusiastic people trying to make a difference. Their “speak” channel would give you a place to voice your opinions on social concerns. You would find like-minded people listed on their FaceBook or LinkedIn pages.

There are no restriction on the kinds of articles YieldMore will accept, as long as it has some practical use for someone else. You could also write about your industry, whether you are into advertising, theatre, modelling, about things you feel a fresher/new entrant in your domain ought to know or share your thoughts on what makes the arts so exacting, etc.

Through curated content and articles, activities like recreational writing, making youtube videos, gists of something from the heart that’s worth sharing or helping others, if you are passionate and energetic and eager to leave behind your mark on this world, you should visit their website.

They treasure each new contributor and are driven by a small dynamic team led by Imran, their Chief Curator. They are ever willing to expand their NGO directory base, so feel free to write to them and refer some organization you know of or have done work for.

Awaiting arrival of your little bundle of joy?  You may want to check out the Mindful Motherhood program they promote. Or, you could be interested in sound and have been helped by BrainSync and want to help them create similar free programs?

Is there a particular cause that you care about? Add a page for them and help find volunteers / donations. If you write to them at shasa@cselian.com or contact Imran at +91.9841223313, they will find a place for your articles / content suggestions on their vast and ever expanding site.

Join them with their motto of Learn / Heal / Share. LEARNING for children, for parents, for adults, for communities etc. Applying that knowledge, of the fundamental forces that drive nature, HEALING and reconciling political, economic, religious, ideological, societal and personal hurts. SHARING our time, resources and our hopes with other people, and most importantly giving our children wings for their dreams.

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