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The Billionaire and the Devatha, is a romantic fiction about Hari, who is tested by fate and forced to face all sorts of difficulties in life. Does he face his troubles boldly, and is he able to come out on top of them?

The value of Indian culture and importance of maintaining good relationships have been projected throughout the story. Hari suffers through several difficult situations one after another, and readers may relate to his plight.

However, it is important to remember that unconditional love and respect for Nature and the Almighty will definitely give us the support necessary to understand that our falls are neither fatal nor permanent.

Hari is only an imaginary example of the lives of many living legends who have fought all their lives to attain great fame. This book is a very interesting read with plenty of surprise twists at unexpected moments.

About the Author

Sivanandan, a retired banker with vast experience in human relationships, has always been interested in literature. He has great passion for writing and has written short stories in the past.

After his retirement, he has embraced writing completely. This is his maiden attempt at a full-fledged novel. The Billionaire and the Devatha is a romantic novel aimed at building confidence and a positive outlook on life. The author himself faced many difficulties in his past but has come out successful after fighting against the odds with confidence and self-discipline.

A great devotee of the Goddess of Samayapuram, he has attributed the success in his life to Her Divine Love and Blessings. The author believes that prayers and belief in the Almighty will help everyone live happily and peacefully.

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