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Centre for Holistic Integrated Learning and DevelopmentHolistic Learning, SLDJayashree Ashoklearn dir
A centre for educating parents of children with Learning Difficulties and taking SLD techniques mainstream
Global Digital Media VillageFilms on Social CausesMuneer Ahamed2016learn dir
A Media house dedicated to helping organizations "tell their story" and creating stories on social causes
Institute Of Noetic SciencesConsciousness and InterconnectednessEdgar Mitchell1973learn major
See also, their noetic programs like Mindful Motherhood
Jobs For DyslexicsTurning Dyslexics "mainstream"Laura Cianci2013?learn dir
An American Organization that educates companies on the many benefits of employing dyslexics and the importance of inclusion.
Overman FoundationIntegral Yoga (all life is Yoga)Anurag Banerjee2011spirit learn
Online research institute dedicated to furthering the legacy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
Root TrustImprove the standard of life for children and womenShirly Charles2005learn share dir
Samata BooksBooks on SpiritualityVelury Sadanand1970slearn dir
The Personal Bookshop for all things inspiring from the Complete works of Adi Shankaracharya to Tantra/Aghora
The Compass TeamChild DevelopmentManoj Krishnanlearn dir
A specially developed program that does a comprehensive study of each student and works on behavioural and other issues