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Is money really the root of all that is evil?But first we need to know what is the root of money :) Isn't money just a tool of exchange,which cannot exist without goods are produced and the people who produce it? Money is the material shape of the principle that people who wish to trade with each other must give value for value. Money is not the tool of looters who want to claim your products by force or the tool of moochers who take it for the price of your tears. Money is made possible only by people who produce. Always remember you can never cheat an honest person.

Money is given for the effort and the time you have put in to produce the product. It is not given value by the cheaters or looters. The pieces of paper are an honor for the time and effort you have put in. Not any gun can take that away from you. That piece of paper which should've been gold or some kind of precious metal is actually a statement of hope that nowhere in the world people will default on the moral principle that it has a value. Is this evil?

If we look at the root of production like for example a generator or a car. Do we really think that some muscular brute came up with these ideas? Or try growing some vegetables without any help you will then realize that it takes brains to do that stuff this is the root of all that production which is the root cause that gave rise to money.

So in reality it is this mind that has given rise to all the time saved which is what we were all born to do in life.

So if we think that wealth is made by the strong at the expense of the weak but then again what is this
strength? Guns, muscles? If you think that a car was invented at the expense of fools around him or by the ambitious at the expense of the lazy ? NO ! Money was made by the honest before it can be looted. An honest person knows he cannot produce more than he can consume.

Money is in fact a great measuring tool of goodwill in a person. Money rests on the fact that every person is the master of his own mind. Money does not give you any kind of power like putting a value for your product. But rather on a willing person who voluntarily agrees to trade with you. It is mutually beneficial. Money actually shows the amount of time and effort you have put in and not the pain it caused or the wounds that work gave you for your gain not your loss. It acts like a bond between two persons who are exchanging goods and not the misery, values not wounds. Money demands a respect for the talent with the best you can find . People live with reason and not force. It represents the best which is inside of you the amount of value put is the reward for your effort and time. Is this evil ? Remember time is relative it is not a constant.

Money is just a tool it can take you wherever you want too but it in itself cannot drive you it will not give you any kind of desire but a way to satisfy your needs. Money is used as an evil tool to steal the ideas of the mind. Just like Thomas Alva Edison did to Nikola Tesla.

Money will not give you happiness if you do not know what you really need to feel happy. It will also not give you any code of values if you have no knowledge of what to value, it will neither give you any kind of purpose if you don't know what to look for. It cannot buy intelligence for a fool or admiration or respect for incompetence. Anyone who tries it will just become a victim of his inferiors because intelligent people will leave him but fools,cheats and frauds will surround him. Is this the reason it is evil?

Only a person who does not need is fit to inherit wealth (Beautifully shown in the movie Annamalai in
Tamil and Maalamal in Hindi) . Only a person who could make money no matter where he started is fit to inherit it. If an heir is equal to his money it will serve him if not it will destroy that person (Arunachalm / Maalamaal). If you say money corrupts think again it is you that has corrupted money. Money is the power that dies without its root. It cannot serve any mind that cannot match it. Money is a means of survival, a sign of intelligence and by the judgment you make on it you are merely judging your source of livelihood your own life . If you have gotten money by fraud, by listening to the advice of fools, by lowering your standards, by working for someone you do not like or hate? If yes, money will not bring you any kind of satisfaction. Anything you buy will just be a reminder of the shame not a tribute to your effort and time. Money will remain but not replace your self-respect it will not give you anything that you have not earned not in body, mind or spirit. Is this evil?

Now if you say that love of money is the root of all evil ! Then loving something is to know and love its nature. To love money is to love the fact that it shows the best inside of you and the key to trade with the best in the world. It is the person who is selling his soul screams the hatred of money but not those who are willing to work for it because they know that they deserve it. Remember a person who hates money has got it the wrong way not a person who loves it because that person knows that they deserve it. So long as people live together they will need money, to abandon it will be the end because it will promote violence. It is the sign of intelligent people practicing non-violence.

Money promotes virtues if you want to earn and keep it. People who have no courage, pride or self-respect, people who do not have any moral sense to the right to their money and are not willing to defend it will not remain rich for long. They are a tasty bait for the looters and cheaters. They will make that person feel guilty for being rich and quickly relieve him of their money and of their life for they deserve it. You will also see a rise in double standards among people who live by force,yet depend on those who trade to create value for their loot(The East India Company of England,Holland along with the Spanish and Portuguese traders). They are simply hitch-hikers of virtue. In a moral society, these are the criminals and laws are written to protect us all from them. But what happens if a society establishes by right and law the criminals (USofA and European Union today) ? People who use force to seize wealth then money becomes the creator's avenger. Such looters make it safe to rob a defenseless person once they have passed a law to do so. They in turn get looted by others and so the cycle of loot continues till their society itself comes to an end amongst the ruins and slaughter (look at the state of economy of USA and the European nations today)!

Money is a measure of society's virtue. When you see that trading is done by not by consent but by compulsion of people who produce nothing give permission to people who produce. When you see a society where money is flowing towards to those who deal not in goods but favors, who get richer and richer
by fooling the other rather than by working and the laws are not protecting you from them instead protecting them from you. When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a sacrifice the society is heading towards doom . Money does not compete with guns or deals in brutality. It will not permit a country to survive as half loot and half property. Whenever destroyers appear they start by destroying the trade which is the base of protection and moral existence . The destroyers loot all the Gold and ever other precious objects and in its place leave a counterfeit pile of paper(Just like the Europeans did all over the world and are still trying to). This kills all the objective standards and delivers people into the power of fake value setters or the destroyers themselves. Gold was and still is an object of value of wealth, whereas the piece of paper is a mortgage of wealth which has not been produced yet by the looters backed by guns or a cheque based on an account which is not their's but on the virtue of the victims. When you have made this your means of survival then do not expect any morality do not expect them to produce where production is punished and looting rewarded. This is the "root of all evil” where instead of using your own mind but your muscle to create wealth to save time and survive ! We should never look at money like savages or animals when it is the life line of a good moral society. Through out history money was always seized and looted by one group or another only their names change but their methods are the same by attaining wealth by force and keeping the producers tied down. Slavery for example is an excellent example where the effort and time of one group was used by another to get wealthy. But these things never ever last time changes everything.

USofA which is considered a country of reason,justice,peace,freedom,production and achievement is all just an eyewash. It is a land of people who are in reality looters but show themselves as aristocrats and in turn demean, defame , deprive others of honor. They show themselves big by showing others small. It is this very illusion that is shown all around the world.(Maya saying and doing something which is the truth but not the reality). A nation that coined the phrase to “to make money” no other nation has ever said this kind of a thing. It basically means it can be seized looted begged borrowed or obtained as a favor. It was not seen as a static quantity.

Until and unless we all see and discover money is the root of all that is good it ceases to become a tool of destruction and stops the society's own destruction and your own on this realization.

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