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link: https://legacy.yieldmore.org/speak/assorted/?node=thoughts-on-deity|Kavitha

Q) Does God exist? Whats god's function? If god exists, why does so much evil and injustice occur in the world? Especially in god's name?

Q) What dynamic changes does religion need before it becomes universally relevant again?

Q) What is our purpose in life? Are we destined to take birth, grow up, procreate & finally die like animals? Seems true for life at its most basic level

Q) Is there any meaning in prayers? Should I visit the temple, even if I don’t believe in it or god? Is it normal to have these type of self-doubts?

Q) Are affirmations more powerful than prayer? Whats the difference?

Q) Are we evolving into something better? Why, 120 years after the World Parliament of Religions are we still not living in harmony with one another?

Q) Whats the difference between Morality, Idealism, Religion and Yoga? Does AS Dalal explain this well in his book on the meaning of spirituality?

Q) Can one change fate? If Yes, How?

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God And Religion
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