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What's? the Size of God

A boy asked the father: Whatís the size of God? Then the father looked up to the sky and seeing an airplane asked the son: Whatís the size of that airplane? The boy answered: Itís very small. I can barely see it. So the father took him to the airport and as they approached an airplane he asked: And now, what is the size of this one? The boy answered: Wow daddy, this is huge! Then the father told him: God, is like this, His size depends on the distance between you and Him. The closer you are to Him, the greater He will be in your life!

caturvarnya - the four orders of the old Indian social culture

This swadharma is of four general kinds formulated outwardly in the action of the four orders of the old Indian social culture, caturvarnya. That system corresponds, says the Gita, to a divine law, it "was created by me according to the divisions of the gunas and works," - created from the beginning by the Master of existence. In other words, there are four distinct orders of the active nature, or four fundamental types of the soul in nature, svabhava, and the work and proper function of each human being corresponds to his type of nature.

Ravanas 10 heads - the 10 forms of love

The ten loves are: 1. Loving your designation, your post or qualifications - ego or ahankara; 2. Loving your family & friends - attachment or moha; 3. Loving one's perfect self - which leads to regret or paschyataap; 4. Loving/expecting perfection in others - leading to anger or krodha; 5. Loving the past - leading to hatred or ghrina; 6. Loving the future - leading to fear or bhaya; 7. Loving/wanting to be no.1 - this is jealousy or irshya; 8. Loving things - which brings in greed or lobha; 9. Loving parts of the body of the opposite gender - which is lust or kama; 10. Loving fame, money, and children - brings inertia/insensitivity or jaddata;

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