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Kerala is suffering the curse of Respected Madhav gadgil.

Professor Madhav Gadgil, the environment scientist.....does the name a ring a bell? He was called in, by the social forestry department by the then government to study the impact of deforestation, in western ghats.....the illegal quarrying, the illegal occupation of forest lands, sand mining from rivers, the filling of paddy lands....he cited all these and said Kerala in the long run will see devastation of unimaginable proportions....landslides will be there in every hilly region....the rivers will flood since there is no sand in its bed and the riversides have illegal constructions.....this gentleman professor gave 2000 plus page report and urged the government to take action.....he had to leave in disgrace....the left, the right...all in unison....called him names and conducted marches in all the hilly districts.....he left silently

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