1808 People Of The Blessed Land

People Of The Blessed Land, Sunil Rajagopal, WA fwd, 18 Aug 2018

The blessed people lived
in a bountiful land,
a fish-shaped land
hallowed by the sea
and generous peaks,
with plentiful rivers,
a treasure of green
and rain, blissful rain!

Half of the people
owed it to god
while the rest trusted in
the power of people,
So blessed they felt
they all agreed
it as a land of gods;
So blessed they felt
they grew rich and happy
and marched onward
but forgot their blessing.

The sea frowned at them
and sent forth her clouds,
it rained
and they walked in it
to wash away their sweat;
it rained again
steadily now,
and they brought out their umbrellas;
it rained again
with furrowed brow this time,
they smiled and went on with their lives;
it rained again
harder this time,
they smiled and splashed to work;
it rained again
with purpose now,
they laughed and raced boats in the streets;
they laughed and still did not remember.

They laughed and said,
we have tamed the rivers
and walled them in,
we have tamed the forests
and our gods live in the hills,
we have tamed the land
and our crops are gold,
we have bridges and boats
and our homes are brick & mortar;
the sea is our mother,
she will swallow anything
we throw out and
you throw at us,
and they laughed
and went back to work.

The rain called her allies
and went to her mountains
where their first-born
river and forest grow,
she called and they came;
It rained then,
it rained and rained
from the sea to the mountains;
Thunder lent the rivers his hammer
the mountains gave them his might
the clouds became their darkness
and the sea filled them with her rage;

Down came the rivers,
the forests parted to
let them pass
and then trampled their roads;
Down came the rivers,
red and rocky with rage
drowning their shrines,
burying their green;
Down came the rivers
smashing the walls that hemmed them in
bursting the banks that they chose to keep
cutting through their paper houses
and stacks of silly towns;
It rained and rained
till the once blessed people
called upon the sea,
But she only howled,
swollen with fury
and blew them a swirling gust;

It rained and rained
till each mountain was an island
till each city was mud
till their bridges swam
till their boats climbed trees
till they were wet to their bones
till they no longer laughed
till they fell to their knees
and remembered
that they once were blessed;
and the sea said,
it’s time to learn
to walk in the rain again.

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