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I began to question BEAUTY and what it meant to me the first time I saw a drop dead gorgeous woman spit venom in front of me, thank god for, it wasn't directed towards me. But that image of that beautiful face speaking filth and watching her face contort left a lasting impression on my mind.

It made me rethink what "beauty" meant to me.

Beauty to me has everything to do with comfort in ones own skin(body). The laughter generated by a body which is in connect with itself, sounds like a musical note, tinkering of bells or the sound of a baby. Its innocent and fresh because it is real and spontaneous.

Amongst many beauty quotes, I related to the above message the most. It speaks of Beauty not as a feature or colour, but more in lines of the evolution of ones MIND AND BODY CONNECTION. The mind is a Chatterbox Entity in ones body. Our bodies need basics.The Basics are like the word suggests .BASICS. Food, shelter, clothes and periodical pit-stop at the restroom. Its our MINDS that DEMAND more. More food, many houses, more clothes , fancy restrooms... the list of demands are endless, and it pretty much define what we seek out of life.

You can tell a lot about the person by taking one look at their "wish list". Wish-lists are a self motivational technique used to encourage a person to chase their dreams , besides the basics.

If the concept of basics was so well understood by minds, I wouldn't have been intrigued to write an article of it.From my life lessons I have understood that everyone's IDEA of basics is different. People NEED something to fill out their vacuum. Food fills stomach vacuum, conversation fills emotional vacuum, positive speeches fill motivational vacuum . You get the drift right?

When people are busy filling out their "vacuums" they are sub consciously indulging in gluttony. that means to say, the experience derived out of the process , of full-filling a wish ,wouldn't be as valuable a lesson as the process one undergoes in catering to the Basic needs of life.The clutter free mind observes and registers information without losing track of primary goals. So that the conscious mind doesn't have to worry about multiple thought processes and can focus on just being a efficient sponge.

The sponge is effective only after allowing the mind to declutter the endless strings of wishes. When wishes are understood as "wishes" the mind can continue to handle whatever comes its way -CALMLY.- the Calm emerges as a by product of settled thoughts.

Think of a glass of water with no disturbance. When wishes flood in, The MIND GETS DISTURBED , not knowing why the comfort is shaken. Newer sub personalities take over to control the situation and are often bought by greed. Thus working for the Distraction instead of working against it.

A CALM mind can process a thought clearly, keeping in mind personal VISION and History.

The mind always KNOWS. The body must just follow, soul has to enjoy the experience and make corrective attitude changes, as and when guided by the mind and body .

How is this connected with beauty??

Beauty is fierce in movement and is worshipped when Calm. . A person whose mind is FULL of thoughts finds calm while watching the ocean, finds solace in the constant movement of the water , and relates to the waves as they come and go , to be like life experiences that come and go. Understands the he/she can take back nothing more than the experience of how he/she felt while watching the sea and is happy with that. Basically the point I am trying to make is that when we take life as it comes ,we end up suppressing our egos in order to exist freely .

We create egos by giving credit to ourselves about the happenings in our lives. When we detach from the credit, we learn to enjoy an experience in its fullness and retain it as an experience which could be replayed in mind as a film,upon will. When we do not allow distractions as wishes , we reach a conscious state of Calm, a bit like the watcher of the sea sitting on the dry sand and observing, taking notes. Its that Watcher which guides us as INTUITION when we need it.

When we associate our conscious minds with the wish list, we become nothing more than a person who is dissatisfied with what they have and wish for more.

Wishlists are handy memos. Nothing more.

Beauty in a person is the degree of Calm they practice.You can observe something clearly only when its still and not in constant movement. Same way Beauty in a person is depicted by their CALM. Its expressed via body language, low tone speech, soft demeanour and a general aura of care . Since the person is in tune with their needs and recognise wishes as fancy, they are able to avoid getting carried away with wishful imagination. This constant trimming of mind is "care". They exude "care" and come across as warm individuals.

To simplify things further, all Beauty requires is a sense of Discipline. A disciplined person eats healthy and sleeps on time-basic body needs- .They are Productive purely because they cater to their body needs and focus their conscious mind on other areas of personality that needs work. Thus making them aware and focused. Just the kind of Aura one needs .After all a hungry aura is an angry aura. a sleep deprived body is an invitation to arguments.

Once a persons conscious mind has adapted to the new calmness , beauty emerges from within literally.Since the mind is at peace, blood circulates healthy and nourishes the skin from within, thus making one appear beautiful on the outside. A calm mind has a way of showing itself on the face, sometimes with a glow, sometimes with a smile. but always soothing to the eyes of the onlooker.

The Calm Beauty

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