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2nd Interreligious Parliament

Time & Date : From 4: 00 PM on 14th Nov 2019 to 4: 00 PM on 17th Nov 2019
Place: Chennai
Venue : To be decided by 1st Sep 2019

Participants: Teachers, parents, religious leaders and responsible citizens from different religious traditions and from different parts of India who are committed to the aim and objectives of the Happy Childhood Campaign by signing the 3 self-commitments of the ‘Happy Childhood Pledge’ adopted in the 1st Interreligious Parliament (attached to this Concept Note).

Registration fee: Rs. 2500/- per individual & Rs. 6000/- per organization/institution (with maximum 3 participants)
Last date of Registration: 1st Sep 2019 (With a copy of the Report of activities being undertaken by oneself or by one’s organization/institution for promoting happy and healthy childhood in India (not exceeding 2 printed pages with photos) to be published in the Souvenir of this 2nd Interreligious Parliament that will be released on 14th Nov 2019 in the Inaugural Session)

Aim of Happy Childhood Campaign: To make all children below 18 years of age in India happy and healthy by the year 2030.

Methodology: To strive incessantly, fearlessly and prayerfully to achieve the aim of the Happy Childhood Campaign by 2030 through the 3-E methodology of ‘Education, Employment & Empowerment’. (Creative, playful and value-based non-formal education for children & empowering mothers/women through skill development and employment).

Objectives of 2nd Interreligious Parliament:
To evaluate the activities of various participating members/organizations/institutions
To revitalize and expand the Happy Childhood Campaign further to achieve its goal by 2030
To adopt targets to be achieved by the participants during the next one year
To plan the 3rd Interreligious Parliament
One-day orientation: A one-day orientation for those inspired to serve as members of the Convening Council, Organising Committee and Event Management Team of the 2nd Interreligious Parliament will be held at ----------------------on -------------------------------.

For further details please contact:

  1. Sri. Paramjeet Singh, IRS ( 9892360521)
  2. Dr. Hasumuddin Papa ( 9841010555 )
  3. Rev. Dr. Kurian Thomas (9444043133)
  4. Sri. Yaseva (9884411845)
  5. Sri. Saify Saraiya (9884087860)
  6. Sri. Paul Raj ( 9840347477 / 7550173763)
  7. Imran Ali Namzi (shasa@cselian.com / 9841223313)

Interreligious Parliament

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