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It's only on Earth that you have this curious doctor patient relationship. Every being in the universe knows that it can heal itself.
- Kevin Spacey as Prot in KPax, 2001

This website has been produced as a guide to the reader based on information given by various books and websites. It is collaboratively written by any visitor / contributor who can suggest articles / corrections.

Its a repository of articles on the various healing systems to help the condition of the body-mind-soul complex. Were at the beginning stage and inviting healers from all over the world to come share their insights. Were interested in Counselling, Life Coaching, systems like Reiki, Affirmations, Yoga and the like.

In this modern age, statistics prove that both in developing and developed countries, that the lifespan of the human being has improved since the 1940s. But, the quality of life has gone down drastically due to our lifestyle, eating habits, pollution and other environmental factors.

Today it is very common to see a person in his 30s suffering from various ailments like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure etc. It is not possible for the average individual to have a total lifestyle modification to get rid of these ailments. So, we are heavily dependent on the medical practice (Allopathy) to solve our problems. However allopathic medicine only masks the problem and gives us (seemingly) immediate relief from discomfort and pain. The medical fraternity and the pharmaceutical companies are really more interested in themselves and furthering their own ambitions. Many of these medicines have side effects which are sometimes more devastating that the disease / complaint itself.

There are several home remedies and natural practices like Siddha, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Unani which can give complete relief and cure for the ailments. However, these processes take a long time during which the individual loses faith, wanting instead instant remedy.

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