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In this article, outlined in Jan 2016, we discuss various ideas to overcome depression and inertia. The chief goal is to be productive, have energy and to prevent from vegetating. We also suggest you schedule distraction-less work state (flow state) and adhere to it

keep i diary, write only when you feel like

make 2 halves of a page and list positive feelings and triggers on one side and negative on the other. when something negative finds its way into your thoughts, as soon as possible shift your focus to something positive

omit the negative as far as possible

go back to old sources of comfort + inspiration - preferably songs and movies, not books because books demand the right frame of mind, the others dont

dont think of love songs unless you are in the correct emotional state

relive your childhood - play with clay / watch cartoons / read childrens stories etc

music is the biggest part, find stuff that stimulates your vital being (giving you energy) but also the intellect, your ideals and your spirit.

try and focus on all the people you love and try and send good thoughts and feelings their way. don't interact directly with them, but keep them in your thoughts. in time you will develop the right attitudes to help them - just a theory I've had before.

Neuro linguistic and phonetic programming... try one of these - its based on brain science and affirmations. guaranteed to work.

learn heal share experience emote express love and yieldmore

if you had read curious lives (now its lost) you would have met Budgeron whose a writer whose overcome a major block. the 3 rules - have fun, dont think, dont careso try and write something small a week (you can invent fictitious lovers like I have Tracey and start writing to them).

Find new music and listen only to the ones that inspire.

Do all the activities that put you in touch with yourself, dont beat yourself up for not doing anything, and hug yourself atleast 10 times a day.

Make your own affirmations like mine or follow someone like Louise Hay.

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