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We have conflicting thoughts which create thought formations that linger in our sub-conscious. If we keep feeding in negative thoughts, these formations become stronger and change the very tone of our thinking.

Positive in, negative out - in this manner, we can change our perception of the world around us. It's beautiful if only we learn to "accept the good" and "omit the negative".

We encourage every person to discover an inner tranquility that could come from gardening, healthy discussion, prayer, meditation, music, chanting, physical exercise or simply sitting with a good book or lying next to a loved one.

Whatever brings us peace, we should seek to create an opportunity for it to manifest in our daily lives, for it is a very basic need of re-creation. Purging the negative is difficult when we are so used to hearing and reading about it and dwelling on it. What we need is to find an inner source - sometimes based on faith - of positivity and dynamic action. This doesn't happen in a day. We suggest slowly filtering out negative news and this cluttered and overwhelming overload of information.

Our brain has 2 sides - the left and the right. One works by logic and one by intuition. One develops skill, the other art / craft. What we need is to develop skillful art and artful skill (depending on which hemisphere is more dominant when we begin the process of balancing them). Any ambidextrous activity like swimming or yoga is one step in this direction. There are programs, exercises and activities that help to synchronise / balance the hemispheres.

Positive, balanced thinking is the need of the hour and cannot be achieved if we do not find an inner source of strength and a constructive path to action - to win our dreams, whatever they may be. I say to you, be creative and bold in your dream selection and begin with a positive affirmation, like mine.

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