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link: http://cocothelouder.com
link: http://cocothelouder.com/resources
link: https://www.twitch.tv/coco_the_louder
link: https://www.twitch.tv/coco_the_louder/videos/all

There is an interestin gamer on twitch who has her own psychology Q/A stream. Her name is Coco The Louder - twitch.tv/coco_the_louder - She has her own website now and she has been compililng these amazing resources in the form of pdfs which are a great reference of things to know if your in stress, if your tring to deal with grief, if your trying to bring your life back together. - 001

Coco the Louder's work revolves around empowering, educating, and supporting people's mental health and advocating for people with mental health diagnoses.

Her work includes:

Coco's advocacy work focuses on providing mental health strategies and tools that make sense, even if you've never sat through a single minute of a psych class. Her work focuses on practical approaches to self-care and wellness, whether you are functioning at your near best or struggling to function at all. Most of all, she makes sure no one is left alone or unhelped by forming a bridge between "does mental health treatment even work?" and the first steps to set up an initial therapy session.

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