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source: http://spiritoftheearth.in/
link: http://www.spiritoftheearth.in/grains_of_goodness.html
link: http://www.spiritoftheearth.in/recipes.html

At our 40-acre organic farm in Manjakkudi, Kumbakonam, we cultivate heritage, artisanal, non-hybrid rice, using purely organic practices. Rich in nutrients, these organically grown grains are pesticide-free and also in turn protect our soil. At our fields, located in the heart of the janma-bhoomi of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, we hand-select only the best quality seeds. We harvest only twice a year during the traditional harvesting season in the rain-fed, sun-kissed paddy field to ensure the highest quality.

"It is nice to hear that there are organizations helping the society with medical value organic rice" -
sayeth one customer

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