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The #HeroOfTheWeek is an influencer who can be shown to exhibit characteristic traits of a #GlobalCitizen. The citizen/hero is kind, nurturing, has a healthy work life balance, doesnt despoil the Earth, is busy making the place around him better, goes out of his way to do good, encourages debate and thought, mentors youngsters and ultimately is a blessing to his family and friend circles.

The purpose of this platform is to bring these heroes together #CrowdSavingThePlanet by helping people improve the quality of their lives, reaching the common man and helping him find the learning and healing he needs to make his life spectacular!

We dont just propose to nominate people, but rather promote them and give them a chance to interact with one another and DISCOVER EACH OTHER so that in concert, we can orchestrate a better path forward for HUMANITY.

Since this is international, we also promote hashtags like “GoodThingsAboutOtherCountries”.

Sanjiv Bhatt

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