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source: http://cselian.com/blog/my/share/king-janaka-and-tantra-aghora/
reference: Page 231-32 of Aghora, at the left hand of God by Robert E Svoboda

One day King Janaka was taken to heaven by a messenger of the god. While there, he asked to see hell, which he had not seen before. A demon was summoned, and Janaka was taken to hell.

When they arrived, Janaka was surprised to see that everyone there was happy and smiling, but the demon was even more surprised, because everyone in hell is supposed to be in agony, miserable. When the demon asked for an explanation, one of the inhabitants of hell replied, “When we look at him (meaning Janaka), we feel that he is bearing our karmas for us, so that soon all our evil karmas will be finished and we will also be able to go to heaven”.

The demon was stunned and asked Janaka to return to heaven. The spirits of the dead said “No, don't go, please stay with us.” Janaka said to the demon “No, I don't want to go. I would rather stay here for tens of millions of years if necessary if necessary, until all these people are freed from their bondages”

When Vishnu heard this, he was amazed and said to himself “Even though I am the preserver of the worlds, still I havent dont as this man has” Then Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva performed abhisheka on Janaka and blessed him, one one of the results of the the blessing was the birth of Sita (Rama’s wife)

This is the way a real Aghori feels. Because he has endured so much suffering himself, he knows how miserable other people are who don't have the spiritual advantages he has, and because of his compassion, he tried to help them face their problems fearlessly whether or not he does anything else concrete to relieve their suffering.

To overcome fear is a great thing, because Maya is not really dangerously She has no teeth. She tries to scare everyone, and usually, she succeeds. But if you refuse to be scared then she has no power over you.

While tantrikas practice alchemy and transmutation of metals into gold as a preparation for transforming themselves, tantra is still limited by time, space, causations. Aghora is beyond all triads, all dualities, beyond all limitations.

Tantra is just the preliminary finger exercises a musician performs to train his hands; Aghora is the full flowering of the musical talent.

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