The Moth and the Flame (Disciple and Guru)


Once a moth, circling around a lamp about to make the fatal plunge, spoke to the flame: “What do you know of love? All you do is stand there as I whirl about you until I can no longer bear to remain separated from you and I embrace you. And in the moment I embrace you I am consumed, burned into nothingness.”

The flame smiled and replied, “You fool! Do you call that love? Look at me ; I am burning. You burn only when you embrace me, but in my longing for you the pain of my separation from you has transmuted me into fire itself.”

This is what should happen in real life. A disciple may think he really loves his guru and has done a lot for him, but the disciple is too stupid to realize that his guru is absolutely burning to give something to him, to give his essence to the disciple.

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