Ante Up

Boy Interrupted

230 Boy Interrupted, 28 Jun 2020, On Self

So many years gone – here stands the shadow of a man
Whose given much love to life, but still can’t understand
How to be happy through it all, whose smile is but wan
Who seems to’ve forgotten to be a player in the band

Now music doesn’t kindle me with emotion like before
It seems I’m just a bundle of tunes and good old lore
Memories dont make sense anymore I’ve lost the way
I can’t even remember what I’m about from day to day

I’ve never been in such a rut as this except once before
When factors beyond my control kept me on the floor
I got up slowly then and fought my way back to life
This time I’m a bit defeated at the thought of strife

7 years is a long, long time to be the shell of a man
Won’t you give me time to heal, help me understand?
That all it needs is a little inspiration and motivation
To come gaily back to life requires some perspiration

So do I take charge now – begin the process of rebirth
Find a way to fill my cup with good feeling and mirth
I seem to falter Lord, do show me grace and the way
I’ll find the strength to go on, fight a little every day