Ante Up

Changing Times

225 Changing Times, 30 May 2020, With Meggha

Social distancing makes us feel quite awkward you know
This quarantine will certainly make us reflect and grow
Isolation seems hard but think of the good it can do
Lockdown is tough but think what it does for you

Opening slowly and gradually seems the way to go
Prevention is important – saves us from sorrow and woe
Mindfulness can certainly help us if we are aware of all
Prevention is the key, just persevere and stand tall

WHO provides information critical for our survival
COVID-19 has claimed lives that matter to us all
Unity is demanded of us at this critical point in history
Changing times are upon us, let life unravel it’s mystery

Respecting each other now will take us far on this road
Faith in our maker will stop us thinking we will explode
Positivity cannot be overstressed it keeps us all sane
Love for near and dear will stop us from going insane

Smile at people you pass and pray for their good health
Family means everything, remember they’re your wealth
Home never seemed this good so take the best care
And work together to build a tomorrow full of fresh air