Ante Up


207 Connected, 26 Mar and 28 Jun 2020, from Imagine

It’s possible that we’re all connected somehow
They say in 6 degrees, we cover all humanity
So on an evening while outside gathers snow
Look kindly and touch others through infinity

There’s infinite ways we resemble each other
Our lives intermingle so lets always be kind
Show consideration to one who is a brother
Show love to our sisters too – keep in mind

We’ll be judged for our actions in the hereafter
With time the bond that links us steadily grows
We’re not meeting by chance, know that after
All, we planned to meet in these verdant meadows

So verdant they are that my heart is set a tingling
I feel a love emanating for all of God’s creation
The night sky and silvery moon sets me singing
With the smell of Earth and Nature, I feel an elation

I touch my foot upon this fertile soil and feel our source
I see waves of light interweave as we cross paths
I wonder why do some of us have to be so coarse
I look within and know there’s healing in our hearts