Ante Up


202 Hurt, 17 Mar 2020, for Jaya

May the waves that have rocked this family mellow down
May love prevail and guide us, to each find and own
Their own vibrant green pasture where they can run
At peace, fret not until the kingdom of God is won

So many lifetimes we intermingle, so much karma at play
So many mistakes to make up for, tears kept at bay
Fill our hearts with peace and warmth Lord, lead the way
Help quell the turmoil, release us from the bitter fray

Give us all we desire, speak gently to our weary soul
Give us joy and delight, fill ambrosia in our little bowl
Help us see the beauty of nature, feed an ant or fowl
Steady our step when we falter, stop us from being foul

Teach the art of forgiveness, release us from the past
Remember, the bond of family is one truly meant to last
Help us raise our sails high, bind us to your mast
With heads held high let us walk as a joyful die is cast

Let the pain wash away as healing we do indeed find
Help us put our hate away and find a love to bind
Blot out all the negative, bring peace to the mind
Shape our lives right once more, teach us to be kind