Essays to a Swan

Acres Wild

Acres Wild (for the Jethro Tull song), Shasa, Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

chlorophyll it is which makes a leaf green
rain comes to drench it, making it sparkling and clean
flowers grow and the whole vista explodes
in colours aplenty like a million rainbows

a veritable kaleidoscope this forest
which gives a weary traveller rest
ridding him of his burden
making him think positive again

feed it does many birds and insects
deer and wolf and all of natures aspects
nowhere else is life so concentrated
by divine Prakriti orchestrated

there are those among us who seek
to strip this forest, seemingly weak
and prone to rape, for dumb the meek
but protect her we do, though the fight seemingly bleak

endless the horizon, green and vast
in its tranquility seemingly lost
those of us who see acres wild
filled with the wonder of a child

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