Essays to a Swan


Cycle, Shasa – 3 June 2017

Yama comes to make His claim
robbing loved ones of that inner flame
that spread like the wings of an Eagle
embracing us all, daring us to inviegle

and wrest from life all of its secrets
from dawn to dusk, sunshine to tempests
winds that blow, moaning and groaning
that cry of the Earth making us start soaring

His net he casts, that mortal is caught
the fighting is over, the soul becomes a dot
rest it does for a while seemingly inert
trapped in His halls, no longer alert

Time-bound this inconscience
a brief period between existence and existence
Awake they do, a new cry of life
a joy to behold, delivered by a wife

who nurses the baby until it grows
serene and beautiful, timeless as a rose
Born again, to continue this cycle
endless as time, the old familiar spectacle

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