Essays to a Swan


Dauntless – for Bethany Nikka – Sat 18 Mar 2017

Dauntless we are in the days of our youth,
heedless of hidden dangers that entrap
those less fortunate than us who weep
for someone to come and free them.

When all they need is a little boldness,
to pick themselves up and to travel
again along the way, mindful of
the traps that only prey upon those faint of heart.

Careful now weve become, rich with
the experience, sensing those dangers
and avoiding them with an all-seeing eye.
Fortune truly favours the brave.

Foolish are we who seem weakened
in the wake of life, for strength
is the need of the hour – strength
to follow our dreams. Strength to

support those around us. Strength to build
that vision we had so clearly in our
minds in the days of our youth.
A vision so bright as to rival the sun in splendour.

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