Essays to a Swan


Mahakala and Mahashakthi, Shasa, 22 Nov 2015

youtube: Mahakala and Mahashakti (Divine Attributes)

Mahakala, that ancient of days, our constant companion, substrate of all that is and will ever be, illimitable, that shines on us, turning our focus inward and upwards, uplifting and ennobling us, Holy Father, consort of that Universal Creatrix, seemingly lost in the multiplicity of creation, durable as the sponge, non judgemental as the sun, wearing us down like water does rock, sweet as ambrosia, latent in us all, finding divine expression in the arts, ethereal, absolute, refuge of the righteous, reminder to the fallen, foe to the Lord of Darkness, equanimous in the duality, beyond the modes of nature, silent witness, plural, singular, void, throbbing like the big electron, present in the sub-atomic vibration of strings, leader in the venture to trek amidst the stars, dancer in the woods, player of the flute of the ida pingala and sushumna, blowing life with his prana, kernel of the sheath of bliss, attainable through vidya bhakti and tapas, lord of the sacrifice, father to Adam and Manu, worshipped as the tortoise and the boar, king under the mountain, trapped in the dance of water and light, transcendant, wise, kindly, dweller in the hearts of sentient beings everywhere, exuberant as the blue jay of spring, master of doom, spirit of fire, solid as bedrock, finding sublime expression in music, instigator of action, remembered in prayer, boundless as the sky, union of man and divine, dynamic and effervescent, beyond creation, Hari and Haran, formless, timeless, sanctioner of enlightenment, simple, attainable and sovereign of the kingdom of heaven.

Mahashakthi, Tara, Kali, Kamaakshi. seed of creation, nature, nurturer, executrix, cocombatant in the journey of life, refuge of man, healer of hurts, queen of the stars, giver of fruits, tearmaiden, sustainer of all life, lover, pure as snow, graceful, adorable, grower of seed, coursing in the veins, instiller of hope, teacher, confidante, friend, implorer to enjoin good, intoxicating to the senses, fragrant as the flower, poetess of renown, companion in silence, voice in the wilderness, resplendent as the dawn, labourer and plotter in the grandeur of tomorrow, walker amidst the cathedrals of the world of the spirit, tug of conscience and spirit of harmony, sweetener of the sword of time, sorceress that lit the garland of the stars, comforter at the pass into death, sacred as the Ganges, valiant and awe inspiring, soother of spirits, fosterer of the yearling and the bud, spark of wisdom, saver of neelakanta, virtuous as Sita, passionate as Radha, rapturous as Aphrodite, inspiring as Fathima, sorrowful as Mary, melodious as a church organ, fleeting as a flight of fancy, mellifluous as the pranava, tranquil as the moon, dweller in the hearts of men, indulger of the mischievous but pure of heart, guardian of olvar and kelvar, Demeter, Inanna, Isis, Astarte, witness and friend to the shepherds of the trees, Melian in the winter of her grief, Luthien in her voice to render passive the Black Foe, supplicant for mankind, mother to us all and womb of the universe.

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