Essays to a Swan

Ebbs And Flows

Shasa, 23 Dec 2016

Up and down we go
on this merry-go-round of life
stuck in a rut we get
unable to change our mood and soar again

“you try to hold your head high
the world runs hot and cold” ^1
sometimes a small change of scene
makes us think of past joys

and suddenly with elation
we flow through our niggles and bring
enthusiasm back into the things we do
nothing that happens can dampen

this new lease we have on life
full of joy and glee at all the
little things that surround us
until another rut comes along

and turns colourless the moments weve treasured
but bask again we shall in the sunlight
for as sure as bad comes our way
so shall good again to grace our lives anew

^1 Don Henley – Shangri La

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