Essays to a Swan


Eros – Shasa, 19 June 2017

a single beam of sunlight played across the wall
it touched her and she awoke, wanting to recall
their exertions of the previous night
that had left her in throes of delight

ragged his breath, tender the glances he threw
at her, turning her entire world askew
touching her heart, making it glow tender
leaving her emotions rent asunder

waken him she did, lusting for more
guiding him gently, deep inside of her
moaning and groaning, so heavy their breathing
stop him she would, force gaps in their love-making

full of light, the room now lit up
keeping their contact, the couple got up
nearing the window, the trellis green and refreshing
a view of the sky, a picture so invigorating

take her he did from behind, his nymph in ecstacy
cupping her breasts, evoking a laugh of pure glee
soaring on cupids wings, the couple would reflect
years later, on that love – so pristine and perfect

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