Essays to a Swan


Fate, 29th Sep 2017 – for F

I cry when i think of how good it could have been
something special, from the start my senses keen
aware of the love that radiated from your heart
silent, going berserk – for now life has no art

melt you did in my arms, a love that engulfed us
through storm and rain that love animated me and was
a bulwark against the harsh world, cozy and secure
filling our reserves with courage and good cheer

Now we tread different paths the memory seems to dim
Until it rushes back up leaving me breathless and grim
Wondering why fate had to tear us both apart
Leaving me in the vacuum of my poor heart

Its now an ordinary world that has no colour
Me body ready to be carried out on a bier
Mayhap our paths will meet again as we grow older
Time has a way of healing: if only we surrender

To its little ways that wreaks poetic justice
To anyone who thought of breaking up what is
A love such as must last forever but its only
In my dreams that we reunite, my lovely

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