Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 8 Feb 2017, For S

A smile you bring to my face when I’m low
Sinking lower still till I can’t sink no more
You hold my hand pat me on the shoulder and say
Where are you brother that you can’t see the light of day

Healed I am of this seed of melancholy upon my brow
For indeed it was you mended me and made me glow
And I in turn lifted the spirits of another with a song
For he had borne a burden too much for too long

Uplift each other we did in days gone past
For troubles we know won’t really last
Talks of friends and loved one who’ve brought
Us through all the little trials we’ve fought

Spontaneous smiles we have now that our troubles have blown away
Never to return again and deny us the calm we have in which we say
Thank you for being steadfast in love for those are the very things
That makes us feel not like paupers but as kings

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