Essays to a Swan


Shasa, Sunday, 6th August 2017
For Veena and Rahul

when we met we thought we knew
for we had read stories of every hue
about the world and its ways
quaint as a sailor walking down the quays

soon we parted, life taking us in different directions
a joy to behold as we strengthened our convictions
over the past ten years weve been
quick to respond to one another our love growing keen

goals and ambitions didn’t daunt us
passions we strove with a testament to Amadeus
who touched us with his piano music
a salve to inspire us to clean fun and frolic

new friends we made with whom to bond
together and make life glitter like a wand
full of stars, a beacon like the moon
to guide us in twilight, see every rune

with ears and eyes to make me smile
and maybe hold on to my dreams a while
raise our glasses we did in toast
to a life from which we would wrest the most

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