Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 29 July 2017 – for S

When we met i thought
A glimmer in her eye i caught
A sadness borne from out of the past
Engulfed her and held her fast

She seemed soft on the inside
A woman to spend a lifetime beside
A shell she wore hard as rock
But signs could be read easy as a clock

Though not a knowing man was I
Something she said caught my eye
And made me wonder if she could
Be happy again if a man would

Aspire to make her complete again
Spend an age together in drought and rain
I prayed she would let the shell break
And let someone her thirst to slake

It gets lonely sometimes as one waits
For love to come and flood the gates
But bask she shall again in a warm embrace
As she boldly sets out again this world to face

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