Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 31 Dec 2016

spring it does, eternal in the human breast
the silver lining in clouds that pass
recharging ourselves amidst all strife
a silent shoot to latch onto

while the powerful play goes on
fortifying us to contribute our own verse
often it is thought that triggers
the memory of days of joy

a memory so powerful as to
dispel the shadow of doubt that engulfs us
an intense feeling that revives a sense of purpose
naked and fearless in the elements *1

we plod on along with life’s ebbs and flows
hope and despair in all its forms and guises
but nothing can over-dampen our mood
unless in folly we allow it to

hope for love; hope for treasure;
hope to be loved; hope for grace;
hope to dispel all darkness
and live eternal in God’s light of love

*1 – Short and Sweet, David Gilmour

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