Essays to a Swan


Inspire, Shasa – 3 Jun 2017 – for Uma

I came back to life upon the single act of her love
inspired to take flight, innocent as a dove
She, my mother, Prakriti in essence
timeless, a whisper, a prick of conscience

Gentle and caring, doting and daring
a light that shines, dark clouds a-clearing
a weather beaten face, a graceful smile
a soft voice that lingers in my ear awhile

with her at my side, the battle of life to fight
saves me from danger, my anchor in any plight
tender and lovable, a heart pure as snow
spirited, indomitable, setting my face all aglow

soothe me she does, day in and day out
a light that shines in rain or in drought
a balm to my aching heart
making her life a work of art

friend, confidante, guide
guileless in appearance, with nothing to hide
inpiration to go on, fight the good fight
strive I shall, spread love to her hearts delight

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