Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 26 Jul 2017

the magic has gone the grief still raw
the cat still teases the mouse in its paw
of days gone by I would surely weep
thinking of all the sentiments I keep

the most love I ever gave a body
was in those months of u beside me
a stirring deep within my heart
write letters I did to impress with art

you were the first to look deep inside
and draw me out and no longer hide
a man in blossom with dreams to cherish
a rock of ages whose love doesn’t perish

so deep the bond we lovingly forged
feel you beside me our lips engorged
we kissed and kissed until I awoke
beside me how tenderly you spoke

that dream has gone the pain so real
the moments we shared so deep I feel
time has flown so piercingly I feel
your light ebb from me my senses reel

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