Essays to a Swan

Love Poem

Shasa, 11 Feb 2017

Love is the only prerequisite of life
its what brought us here in the first place
and what saw us through our early years
the love our Father and Mother bore us

And, the love we bore them in return
the love we had for our friends and teachers
and later, girlfriends and boyfriends
a plethora of people in all

To inspire us to give of our best
for it is only when we express love
do we become closer to our true self
a self that reinstates our illimitable origins

a timelessness of the soul in all its glory
for love is the difference between a poor man and a rich man
love is the beginning, the middle and the end.
when you love, amazing is your life

for it is only with love that we truly live
love for those, our partners and our children
and for lifetime friends and families
to renew that cycle of undying love

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