Essays to a Swan


Imran, Wed 23 Aug 2017 – On the death of my grandmother Vasantha whom we used to call Maa.

love us all you did, showering us with blessings
a fair maiden you were, a lark that sings
in good times that celebrated this glorious life
why silent now, oh you wonderful wife

and mother of 5, the last whom I love to pieces
forever and ever, now bereft of all senses
you were the dawn breaking the night
holding us gently, filling our hearts with light

and courage to face lifes big and little trials
a gaze that liberates, replenishes our vials
with warmth and tenderness to move forwards
wrest from life its plenty and bountiful rewards

3 generations you saw, filling your cup to overflow
my dearest niece came and set your heart aglow
a decade of laughter and mirth and delight
shuffle off you did this mortal coil in our night

now what light shall guide, showing the way from within
or mayhap as a spirit your force shall be as a grin
and testament to affirm the beauty in life – timeless
us now weatherbeaten, but the time with you, priceless

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