Essays to a Swan


Shasa, Jan 15th 2017. For Jayan.

who accepts us for what we are
always inspiring us to be better
involving us in the ways of the universe
an uncommon initiation into secrets timeless

knowing our fears and desires
guiding us to the avoidance of the one and the fulfilment of the other
filling the gaps in our knowledge
pushing the boundaries of our abilities

initiating us into the path of works, knowledge, love
making our burdens passable
leading by example and a salve to the afflicted
we try and follow in their footsteps

always reminding us of He who holds
the stars in the palm of his hands
for it is in the lap of God
that we play, ever mindful of the bounties of life

mother, father, teacher, God
that chain of nurturers showing us the way
from within, inside our hearts
to become that highest expression of love

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