Essays to a Swan


Shasa, 2 Sep 2017 – for Vasantha

four score and seven years you passed in our midst
your artistry shone as you were a talented vocalist
like a flute that rang out touching its audience
that only Lord Hrishna could imbue with his fragrance

many were the songs you sang of the Divine
full of messages about life that one could divine
and see how simple it is to set a heart rapt
in service to our Creator, His experiences so apt

music was in you its what gave your life soul
soul that rang true as a melody in a bowl
we miss the depths to which our jivatma is kept
linked to the universe into whose play we’ve crept

dream you did of being surrounded by the same family
and being the foremost carnatic singer, bright as a lily
simple you seemed yet in you were the seeds
that makes us think of liberation and good deeds

weave you did, us into your story of love and life
serving that Creatrix your life joy amidst strife
music your tether bringing you closer to He
that made angels of mercy, replete such as Thee

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