Essays to a Swan


Shasa, Sunday, 22 Jan 2017

to smell a garden after it rains
to stand under a waterfall beside one you love
to take children for a picnic in the countryside
and stop in a wood to recharge

that well from which love and beauty flow
deer and bears, squirrels and parrots
of the best of God’s creations
and us, the crown

who stop subjugating nature
and instead, live in harmony with it
feeling the fall of every little flower
we’ve stopped killing in the name of food

hunters turned to guides,
taking us deep into forests
to see where elephants inhabit the place
and monkeys frolic in sweet innocence

bringing out in us deep wells of love,
for the plants and animals that share this planet
unstained by lust or greed
we’ve come full circle and found everlasting peace

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